What A Difference a Year Makes

August 2016 is when a challenging year started. “That which does not kill us, makes us stronger.” This phrase often crossed my mind and I wanted to respond, “Or it leaves us crippled or weaker than before.” Now, a year later, I can feel the strength beginning to set... read more

Podcast Episode #013 December Pep Talk

Listen HERE Do you find yourself wishing you didn’t have so many commitments in December? Do you turn into the nasty Christmas Dwarfs: Busy, Grumpy, Cranky, Weepy, Moody, Sweary, and Broke? You can avoid this, but it takes some intentionality. It’s almost... read more

Podcast Episode #007 When a Mama Has Cancer

LISTEN HERE Cancer touches all of our lives in one way or another. This month (on the first day of school) it was my best friend who got the test results with the bad news. She’s younger than me and a mother of two.  So what do we do when this happens? How do we... read more

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